Do You Ever Talk To Yourself? “Yup!”

“Why? Why would you do that? The ledge is right there. I pressed the button; you should have caught it. What’s wrong with you?”

Of course, the videogame character on the screen isn’t going to respond. If he did, an old priest and a young priest would be called post-haste.

He just stands there scratching his butt and checking his weapon to make sure it’s loaded, animations some programmer put in to make it look like he’s alive.

I can try to convince myself that I’m talking to the character, and in some way I am, perhaps. But, really, I’m talking to myself, working out my frustration at dying yet again, at the same spot.

Talking to yourself. I can’t be the only nut out there who does it.

This habit takes several forms, but they all involve one thing: you’re either completely alone or away from other people. Some examples:

  • You can’t get something to work (“Come on; what’s wrong with this stupid thing?!”)
  • You’re excited about something (“Yes . . . yes! I got it!”)
  • You’re testing out dialogue or something else you’ve written (“’There ain’t no way I’m lettin’ you get away, partner’ Wait, I’m not writing a Western . . .”)
  • You think of a snappy comeback to something someone told you earlier (“ ‘At least I don’t smell like an orangutan!’ That’s what I’d have said.)
  • You’re pacing and trying to work out a problem (“But if I tell her, she’s going to hate me . . . Argh!”)

You get the picture. I dunno about you, but I feel good whenever I’ve given a voice to something that’s on my mind; it gives the problem or happy thought more weight when it goes from thought to sound waves.

I’m not crazy am I?

No, of course not, Michael.

I thought so. I mean, talking to yourself’s alright; it’s answering yourself that’s a problem, right?

Wrong; not answering yourself is rude. Don’t be a jerk.

You’re right again. Man, you’re pretty insightful.


15 comments on “Do You Ever Talk To Yourself? “Yup!”

  1. I’m reluctant enough to talk to other people on occasion, so I’m not going to talk to myself out loud!
    It does have the advantage that sometimes it can be only way to get an intelligent conversation of course! 😉

    • Hahaha, too true!

      And hey, muttering something counts too you know! Even saying “darn” or “what?” when something odd happens in front of you is technically talking to yourself.

      Don’t mind me; I’m just trying to admit you talk to yourself too so that I don’t seem completely insane. 😛

  2. I find myself talking to the air most frequently while riding my bike about town. People stare at me like I escaped from a mental institution and snatched some poor girls bike for freedom, my mind tells me (sometime a faint voice) saying that I had been noticed and I respond back saying something like “I don’t care what they think about me; I may be crazy, but I like it.”
    Then he’ll respond with “You should if you know whats best for you.”
    “I know whats best for me–you don’t”
    “I am you.”
    “Prove it.”
    …they might be right, I think I am nuts.

  3. Unfortunately, it turns out I most often talk to myself at work…either that, or my friends and family have just accepted my crazy instead of questioning it like my coworkers do.

    • *ahem* Is she talking to us or to herself?
      “You know, I can never really tell. She doesn’t make eye contact.”
      Yeah, weird. Who types and doesn’t make eye contact?
      “Shut up.”

  4. I talk to myself, too. Though, generally I’ll only do it out loud if no one else in in the room.

    The picture of Gollum at the end just *made* the post, by the way. 🙂

    “No it didn’t!”

    Yes, it did.

  5. I confess to not knowing what’s more ‘frightening’ – talking to myself, or doing so in a different language. A friend of mine (and fellow writer) once mentioned leaving a voice-activated recorder in the passenger seat of the car…interesting how much was recorded during that solo road trip.

    • Ah, the old “speaking to yourself in another language OR foreign accent” syndrome.

      I’m a bit of a mimic, so sometimes I’ll perfect my impersonations alone. OR, I’ll talk in my character’s voices and try different accents, which also affects the dialogue.

      Oh man, if you could get that recorder in your hands, you’d have a bargaining chip for the rest of your days. >:)

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