Lit Windows Make Great Stars

Phew. I’ve been writing all day today, and boy are my arms tired.

The night’s calm and quiet except for The Godfather Saga that’s playing behind me.

Most times I envy my friends and family who live in places with trees, which are endangered here in New York City.

But on nights like these? When I can look out my window and see pinpricks of light shining in my neighbors’ windows like a sea of stars? When the sky is the color of a ripe plum? I don’t feel as deprived.

I actually feel pretty good.

Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen from having so little trees.

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful night (if you’re awake to read this). And I wanted to thank you all for following my blog and providing much needed comments and suggestions. For those who aren’t following yet who offered input, your words are like salt on my french fries: absolutely necessary. 🙂

We’re all striving to make it as artists, musicians, directors, writers, and so many other things. It’s a pleasure to have developed a network of such talented people in just a week’s time.

As always, thanks for sharing.


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