Thanksgiving in March

What a lazy Sunday it’s been. There’s no shortage of sun, and I swear the breeze that’s currently tickling my toes has been playing tag with me all day today.

I just haven’t bothered to tag it back.

A simple post from me today, one of thanks. I’ve read in a few journals and books on the psychology of happiness that it’s good to jot down a list of what you’re grateful for.

It’s said that the act of writing them down  gives a boost of happiness if done consistently enough.

I’ll keep mine short and confined to the last seven days.



Three Things I’m Thankful For


1) My Blogger Friends

There are millions of blogs out there to choose from, yet you’ve chosen to follow and comment on mine. I’ve gained some new friends this week and discussed ideas with a few of my regulars too.

For having a group of intelligent and creative people to interact with, I’m thankful.


2) Inspiration

I’ve gotten less writer’s block this week than the last; ideas have been flowing pretty consistently, and I’ve been able to work on my novel at a relatively comfortable pace and even share a bit of it with everyone.

Since I’ve been spared the frustration of a dry well of ideas, I am thankful.


3) Shrimp

Honestly, how can I not thank these little guys?

Their sacrifice has led to a couple of great meals this week, meals that I didn’t have to hunt for!

Because of the deliciousness that smaller, crunchier creatures possess, I am thankful.


So, what are you thankful for? I limited mine to this week, but feel free to share lifelong gratitudes or daily thanksgivings. 🙂





11 comments on “Thanksgiving in March

  1. I’m thankful for . . . the upcoming pro football season. Optimistic that the Cowboys will do better this year. Also thankful my car is paid for, since it assumes that gas is fifty cents a gallon. (Guess I could lighten my lead foot, though.) And being thankful for youth is great . . . I’m not that old, I guess. 🙂

    Inspiration also rocks. I have a new short story I’ll be posting pretty soon. (Also thankful for shameless plugs on others’ blogs . . . )

  2. This is a really sweet post, Mike. I am thankful for so many things. I SO am thankful for my family, my husband–we’ll be married thirty years this month–and my kids, who would be the BEST, even if they didn’t love all the things I love most-travel, history, writing, dressing up, playing games. I am thankful for my health–I had lunch with a friend whose joints have failed her, and I don’t for a minute take for granted the fact that I am still hiking and climbing stairs and digging in the garden. I am so thankful that I can make my living as a wordsmith–writing and storytelling. And I am thankful for Good ‘n’ Plenties, a sweet burst and a long chew!

    • What a wonderful list, Naomi. I couldn’t imagine having all that and NOT feeling thankful.

      It’s sad when our friends and loved ones aren’t able to do what they previously enjoyed doing, but even out of that sadness you can find thankfulness, like you did with hiking and climbing.

      Hopefully, we’ll all be thankful for the “making a living out of writing” part sometime soon. 🙂

      • I hope so too! I really enjoy your writing–you not only share really useful information on blogging and writing, but posts that make me smile or stop to think.

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