I’ve been enjoying Logan’s artwork and humor for a couple of weeks now, and I couldn’t selfishly keep it to myself anymore.

His most recent project, found on his blog http://literarybandit.wordpress.com is Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend, a hilarious look into what it’s like for an average Joe to date a super hero girlfriend.

Here’s the first in the comic series; I hope everyone checks out the next seven on his blog for a good laugh. 🙂

The Literary Bandit

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  1. Oh my god. I think that I’ll really like this one. It worries me to put this out in cyber space, but my BF and I kinda got a “Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend” thing going. I especially like the header drawing of him dressed up like Batman dancing. Good suggestion!

    • Hahaha, Anna, that’s the second time you’ve almost shared risque information (the first was in the comment section of your Capt. Mike’s post). One day, you’ll spill the beans completely!

      I’m glad to spread the word about blogging goodness: bloodness? Glogging? I’m no good at this.

      • “Bloggodness”?? It all sounds like Blagojevich. I guess I’ll eventually spill the beans. Full-disclousure is what people like. Happy Blog-gogging?? I dunno…

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