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I hope everyone’s having a splendiferous weekend so far.

I’ve been semi-diligently typing away at my novel for the past week and making substantial progress, so I thought it’d be a good time to update the original novel sample with a new page.

Here, we begin to see that there’s more to the little kid Aaron found near the abandoned home than we may have thought . . .

I also added some new clothing to Aaron’s Pinterest board, and I plan on updating a certain character’s board in the near future, but not just yet . . . 🙂

Note: I’ve combined the two pages in my Upcoming Novel Samples page, so if you haven’t read the novel’s first page (or if you need a refresher), click the link.


He thought he saw the kid shake his head, but it might’ve been another sob. “Good. The things they ask for.” He whistled. “It’s robbery. Can’t get anything decent to eat without giving up an arm or a leg. Take The Chinaman, for example.”

The kid went silent.

“He’s the worst ‘cause he can get anything you need . . . medicine, clothes, canned food, even fresh meat. You just gotta ask him. That’s what he says anyway ‘ask, and ye shall receive.’ But the fine print says ‘your ass belongs to me after.’” Aaron laughed and looked over. The kid’s face was still hidden between his knees, but the muscles under his pale skin were tense. He also smelled odd, like boiled eggs. Though Aaron hadn’t noticed it before, the stench was getting stronger.

“Anyway, that last one’s what I need. Meat. I’ve got plenty of other food in here.” He set his bag between his knees and dug inside. “Spam—ugh, like eating a block of salt. Sardines, anchovies, tomato sauce. No noodles though.” He placed the cans down next to the kid; he’d eaten half the Spam, and the sardines and anchovies were leaking oil. “But they’re not enough. So I did what The Chinaman said, I asked, and now I’m trying to receive. See, I made a deal: he’ll give me a few pounds of fresh meat. God, it’s been weeks since I’ve had any.”

Aaron watched the sun dip behind the other abandoned homes; night brought its own kind of trouble, and the coming rain wouldn’t help. He needed a little more time, but he’d have to wrap things up soon.

He leaned towards the kid and asked “Do you know what he wants in exchange for that fleshy ambrosia?”

Ever since the world had gone to hell, few things surprised Aaron anymore; life was a snuff film on repeat: one awful scene after another. But as the kid slowly lifted his head for the first time, Aaron had to fight the urge to flinch.

The “kid” had no eyes. Instead, his eye sockets were black tunnels that ran deep into his skull and ended in pinpricks of white light. Purple lips curled into a wide Cheshire Cat grin of crooked, yellow teeth.

"His eye sockets were black tunnels"


"Cheshire Cat grin"

The sympathy scale would need a few adjustments after this one.

“The tongue of a demon,” said the boy-thing. Aaron wasn’t an expert on children, but unless the kid had hit puberty remarkably early, his voice was way too deep.

Aaron cleared his throat. “You’re pretty clever. Close . . . close,” he replied. “See, it’s not an ordinary tongue; It’d make my job a lot easier if it was ‘cause I could just find any old demon and pluck it right out of his mouth. The world’s gone to shit, and your kind’s a swarm of hungry flies.”


9 comments on “Updated Novel Page

  1. I don’t know if it was the Southern-seeming dialect or talk of the world’s corruption, but I’m sensing Steinbeck. Until the cheshire cat and hollow eye socket part of course. I want more. This is the first and only of your novel excerpts that I’ve read but I’m excited to check out more. The Aaron character is interesting. More!!

    • Thanks for you kind words, Anna. 🙂 Maybe I’ll entitle it “Of Demons And Men” or “Of Zombies and Men” or “The Spams of Wrath.” 🙂

      By the way, maybe I missed something in your posts, but what’s your thesis about? Also, are you planning on becoming a teacher? I did my time as a teacher a couple years ago.

  2. Wow – really dark! That actually gave me quite a shock – although perhaps I should have guessed from the picture. Looking forward to new installments.

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