What Are You Watching?

Ah, Sundays. I can understand why so many people consider it a holy, restful day.

While I don’t observe any religions, I do take part in a ceremony from 9 pm to 11 pm. That’s when some of my favorite shows come on.

The new season of Game of Thrones is underway with a few intriguing developments.



Mad Men has been making me laugh quite a bit lately; can Roger do no wrong?


Finally, the Borgias provides with my weekly dose of papal pornography (if you haven’t watched the show, that phrase may not make sense 🙂 ).

Each of the shows above have great writing (though the Borgias is probably the “weakest” of the three), and the acting is superb.

But I’m always on the lookout for new television shows.

So tell me: What are you currently watching? What shows are you impatiently waiting for their seasons to start?



14 comments on “What Are You Watching?

  1. I work nights, so I miss a lot of shows. This is why I love Netflix. I’m currently watching (some would say catching up on) Supernatural, Modern Family, and yes, Lost. I also loves me some Dexter, though I wait and buy them on DVD. I do manage to catch South Park, and I’m currently patiently waiting for The Walking Dead to return. Also, gotta throw in The Simpsons and Family Guy.

    • Haha, yeah, they sure do smoke and drink A LOT on the show. It was just a completely different time.

      I have every season of Lost on DVD somewhere in my apartment. I want to watch it, but I know it’s going to be quite an investment in time . . .

      • It’s weird, almost everyone I’ve talked to/chatted with either has Lost on Netflix or DVD and is in the process of catching up. I can’t seem to find anyone who caught it during its initial run. The Simpsons even had an episode about this phenomenon (spelling?) though they called it “Stranded”.

  2. Definitely will watch the Borgias. Saw the first ep of the 2nd season of GoT, but wasn’t really into it. I adored the first book, the second not so much. Also watching Once Upon a Time, Awake, and The Killing.

    • I saw a few commercials for The Killing when I watched Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Seems intriguing; I’ll have to track down the first season.

      Awake also looks trippy; I never know when it’s on though.

      • Yeah The Killing is a lot of drama, but the characters are very deep, that’s my main reason for watching. Awake is pretty much in the same genre and has a similar feel to it. I think it’s on Sunday nights, but I watch most episodes from my laptop. Both shows have an excellent cast and great writing.

  3. Those are all shows I’m intending to watch, hopefully on a lush blu ray box set in the near future.

    Right now, though, I’m anxiously waiting for the next series of Breaking Bad! Season 4 was incredible. Season five – in two parts – is going to be even better. I’ve been rewatching all the previous season on Netflix, and it’s impressive how much the story jolts along in each single episode. An outstanding show. But I see you might already be onto it!

    The UK has to wait way too long for some of the best telly, though. Ah well.

  4. The walking Dead is currently what has been taking up the queue for at least a month now. I began watching when Season 2 debuted, so I NEED to watch the entire first season and the subsequent episodes, to ensure I don’t miss anything.
    Then all I need to wait for is Season 3.

  5. Ha-papal pornography, love it! I just started the 1st season of Borgias and am on ep 3. Love it! But I feel that it should have subtitles. And, yes, I’m worried that I watch just for the sex scenes. But I do think it’s good.

    Mad Men bored me and Greg. Have you watched Shameless? Best shows ever: The Wire and The Sopranos? If you haven’t seen the latter, we can no longer be cyber friends.

    • Girl, ain’t no shame wanting to watch Italians bone.

      I’m a HUGE Sopranos fan. I followed the show religiously when it was still airing. 🙂

      I have the entire The Wire series ready to be watched, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe it’s because a version of The Wire is always filming outside my window? haha

      It sucks that you and your bf don’t like Mad Men. I didn’t get it the first time I saw it, but I stuck with it, and the writing is just great. Oh, and there’s a lot of sexism in there too, so you could get all feminiminim while watching it. 😛

      • I want to try to give it another shot. I liked it more than the beau. I like to think that if the beau and I had a child it’d look like Don Draper. But when I fantasize about that, I get all Oedipal…

        Speaking of Hamm, have you seen, I know I know, Bridesmaids? It’s set in Milwaukee and Hamm has a tiny part in it. I love it. I lived around the corner from the apartment that they depict as her home.

        OMG, “Ain’t no shame in watching Italians bone.” Tagline for Jersey Shore????

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