Politics Shmolitics

Just a short post today. There be writin’ that needs doin’.

I’ve realized that I’m pretty out of touch with politics. I’ve had enough going on in my personal life that I haven’t paid much attention to the governing bodies in our society.

Plus, as a former philosophy student, I get frustrated with most political issues and debates because the roots of most disagreements lie at a baser level. They require discussions about ethics, etymology, metaphysics, theology, and a slew of other schools of thought.

So, basically, discussions about healthcare, taxes, welfare, and the involvement of the government in business are just surface discussions: a ton of “hidden” beliefs fuel those debates, and those beliefs and values are what we need to talk about.

However, since our presidential election is almost upon us (maybe the Mayans were anticipating this?), I feel it necessary to get my political ducks (or elephants and donkeys) in a row.

Presidential Race

So, I’m making a mini-vow to follow what’s going on in the political world. It seems the only way to do that effectively is to visit different news sites (since every single one of them has a bias, so you gotta shop around to get a complete picture). I’ve done a bit of catching up already, and I’m almost regretting it, but it’s important to stay informed, right?



Do you follow politics? Do you feel they impact your life directly or is it something you couldn’t care less about?


4 comments on “Politics Shmolitics

  1. Hi Mike, I’m so glad to hear from you. When I think of all the oppressed peoples in the world who have no civil rights or say in how their government is run, it is embarrassing that half of America doesn’t bother to vote. I’m glad you are taking an interest in it.

  2. I like political philosophy more than current events- for the same reasons that you mention here. I do think it’s important to follow current events because that way I know not to vote for the guy who wants to raise medicare eligibility to 67 and who wants to privatize education. The discussions that surround politics sometimes suck- especially on mainstream media, but yes, most definitely I do think that it’s important to follow them and that they have a direct impact on our lives. I started to think this after everything that’s going down in good ol’ Wisconsin.

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