We’ve Come A Long Way–The Internet a Decade Later

It’s difficult to imagine life without the Internet. Instead of looking up YouTube videos, I’d have to go outside and play with a stick and a tire.

If I couldn’t use Facebook or Twitter, I’d have to talk to my friends through a string and a can.

But the behemoth that is the Internet was a much smaller beast at one point, and the habits we’ve adopted today are quite different from just a few short years ago. To show just how much things have changed, Bestedsites.com created an infographic depicting how the Internet and our use of it have progressed over the past ten years.

As a side note, I wish more infographics were .gifs or at least had moving parts within them. It’s pretty cool to watch as I like motion and shiny things (click on the infographic image to see what I mean).

What changes to the Internet have you enjoyed the most? The least?

The Internet A Decade Later


4 comments on “We’ve Come A Long Way–The Internet a Decade Later

  1. F-n love the infographics. I plan on some day using it when I teaching some sh*t in some class to some peeps. Love it.

    On a more important note, you play with a stick and tire, talk through a can, and like “motion and shiny things?????” Hmmmm….things are getting WEIRD….I LOVE it! Thanks for the future lesson plan.

  2. I usually multi-task a lot. I hate going to an article and discovering it is a video and not an article. I can read it faster than they can tell it to me. I also hate these ‘photo’ articles. The ones with the slide show. One picture and a sentence or two at a time. I want to scroll down the article all in one go and I want more information. These slideshows as articles are intended to distract you from the fact that they are telling you nothing. It’s a waste of time.

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