Flash Fiction: “Supply and Demand”

I felt motivated today to write a short piece set in my novel’s world. It’s a bit of an offshoot, a side-story rather than a part of the novel proper.

It’s definitely got my writing mojo working, however, so I’ll probably write some more of ye olde novel tonight.



“Supply and Demand”

Daniel cried.

From the darkness around his bed came a low, deep hum. He couldn’t see anyone, of course, but in his mind’s eye they were hulking forms that swayed from side to side.

Every few seconds one would move closer, and the smell of its hunger caused him to scream. Daniel fed them, he knew, thickened them and made them louder. But he didn’t know how to stop the tears. He felt something cold on his cheek, and he screamed louder and harder than he’d ever done before. He tried to pull away, but his arms and legs ignored him.

In the distance, somewhere beyond his bedroom, he could make out the low hiss of whispers. It sounded like two people, and a few words pierced the humming and his sobs. Words like “enough” and “almost.” He tried to ignore the things hovering over him and to focus on the whispers. Who was there? Why weren’t they helping him?

More words.

“Client will be . . .”

“. . . yes, purest around . . . ”

Daniel tried to say something, but his throat was raw and flaky from screaming, and all that came out was a pitiful whine. He didn’t notice when the cold thing was lifted from his cheek or when the humming began to die down.

He wondered where his parents were . . .


6 comments on “Flash Fiction: “Supply and Demand”

  1. That was like torture. Not to the kid, but to me. Now I’m dying to know who he is, what is going on, why is it happening. It is to early in the morning for a tease like that.

    • Thank you! You’re such a sweetheart, Valerie.

      I recently received and reciprocated a blogger reward, so I hope you don’t mind if I take a raincheck on paying it forward. I do appreciate it, and if we ever play blog tag again, I’ll make sure to run around Worpress tapping other people and squealing. 🙂

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