Sunday Haiku: Universal Love


Black holes will pull us.

Dark energy will push us.

But love will save us.


9 comments on “Sunday Haiku: Universal Love

  1. I think that I might print this on pretty paper and frame it. Seriously. It’s the one thing that makes me wish that I didn’t quit teaching so I could share this with some poetic M-Fers. I love it.

    • Awww, shucks. Thanks. I’m glad you like my sappy haikus. We Spaniards have an affinity for the romantic, and we’ve got to drain it a bit like the humors to find balance.

      • Ha- I want to drain my affinity for romanticism all over yo’ face! Sorry- I stayed up late last night watching Workaholics and am totally in frat boy mode. Again.

        But keep up the perrrty haikus. Me likey.

      • Hahaha! I feel like that line would get me a gaggle of bitches. Also, you should press some words too, senorita. Been awhile since I had a peek into your mind. Give us a lil’ peek!

      • I’ll peek into yo’ d*ck-hole. OMG, I’m going to stop now….

        I’m blogging now, son! But prob won’t post until tomorrow. But thanks for the encouragement, my cyber bestie!

      • Don’t stop! I’m seriously cracking up right now. My haiku on Universal Love is now about peekin’ into dick-holes, the original black holes. “Girl, don’t be stupid. You can’t escape my dick-hole.”

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