Phoenix Year

The sun has set for the last time in 2012, and like most thinking beings out there, I’m inspired to reflect on the footsteps behind me and the fresh path before me.

Sunset Year

My resolution is a seemingly odd one for a writer, someone who pours molten words onto a cool page and watches them solidify into something eternal and strong.  Yet this resolution promises to produce more of me by demanding less.

I want to talk less and do more. 

I’ve noticed a lot of white noise in my life,  from myself and others, a lot of words but not much meaning. So I’m hoping to refrain from saying, listen only to that which makes me stronger,  and get about doing.

I’ll emerge from 2012 a new man.

Of course, I wish every one of you a wonderful new year, and I look forward to not only writing but also reading more of your thoughts. 🙂


5 comments on “Phoenix Year

  1. I am also definitely guilty of producing a lot of white noise. I like this resolution- to talk less and do more. Is blogging “talking” or “doing”??? I hope “doing.”

  2. Love that shot. Agreed, getting stuff done is important, not just talking about it. My 2012 resolutions sucked. Time to bring out the big guns. Hope you achieve your goals this fine year, Mike 🙂

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