Drowning in Words


Finally got a chance to come up for air.


How’s everyone doing?

Me? The past few weeks have seen me busy as all hell writing my novel, working on the book cover (which is done; woot!), and a million other things. 

I also checked some of the stats on my blog, and I recently hit over 25k views. I’m eternally grateful to all the great bloggers who I follow and who have graced my silly little blog with their presence in the year since this blog was created.

Also, I’ve no idea who in the Philippines and Chile are reading my blog, but gracias, mi amigos.

Pretty soon I hope to share some more of my upcoming novel and also to post the book cover, which was done by an extremely talented artist Immar Palomera.

Finishing the cover before finishing the book offered a surprising boost to my inspiration. Seeing a part of the world that only existed in my head, including my protagonist, Aaron, served to solidify my ideas greatly, and I’ve since edited certain portions of the novel. 

For now, I’m still nurturing my little baby of a book, feeding it milky thoughts and soothing it during teething tantrums.

I do hope everyone out there is enjoying life and following their passions. Don’t forget those pesky little resolutions you made 30 days ago. Unchain them from the closet of your mind and feed them a little.

They deserve it.