“I’m Free on the 7th at 7!”: Novel Excerpt

The always enlightening and charming Margaret Alexander over at Story Addict was gracious enough to tag me in a game of 777. Make sure to check out her 777 Game entry here!

For the uninitiated, whoever is tagged in the 777 Game must choose either the 7th or 77th page of their novel or other work in progress, count down 7 lines, and post the next 7 lines.


So here goes: these 7  lines were taken from my upcoming novel Dark Flesh. As I promised in a previous post, I’ll put up my book cover and synopsis soon. 🙂


A department store, the shelves stocked with dust. The air was musty and oppressive, and when the dim aisles of the store lurched before him and he slid to the gritty floor, Aaron peeled off his fedora and rubbed his eyes, but everything around him continued to tumble.

Only a terrible father would worry his daughter after being attacked and standing among mounds of garbage. Taking deep breaths to steady himself, Aaron fumbled inside his bag until he pulled out the soggy paper bag of meat nearly turned to pulp thanks to the dirty water. He allowed himself a bite and, when the bitterness in his throat lessened and he could steady his hand, offered his daughter a piece.  Her shoulders shivering, Emma sat on the  floor and chewed on the tender beef.

The trunk, thankfully, hadn’t suffered any serious damage—the locks, though scuffed up, hadn’t broken off, and the blows to the unread in the watery chasm had dented the leather only a bit.


Oooooh, mysterious, eh? 😛

As per the rules of the game, I have to tag seven other authors, who in turn can share their work. I follow and am followed by a varied group of bloggers, some who write beautifully but aren’t authors, so it was a bit tough to choose seven. Here are five peeps who I’m pretty sure are working on a novel or written work of some kind. 🙂


Valerie Lawson

Chantel C

Sydney Aaliyah

Carol Deminski

Naomi Baltuck


And if anyone is interested in playing who I haven’t tagged, feel free to play along!


6 comments on ““I’m Free on the 7th at 7!”: Novel Excerpt

    • Thanks, Nicole!

      You know, I would love it if you shared seven lines of your work in progress. You don’t have to go through the whole 777 Game process, but I’d love a sneak peek (you’re working on a new Science Fiction novel, aren’t you?) 🙂

  1. Hi Mike,
    Dark Flesh sounds scary, creepy, and intriguing. I hope we’ll get to see more soon! Thank you for thinking of me for the 7×77. I will meet the challenge, and pass this on. Best wishes to you in all your writing endeavors!

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