100 or Less: Blindfold

“Ready?” he whispered into my ear.

I shifted onto my other leg and heard gravel crackle under my shoes. Goosebumps spread like dominoes along my skin.

“Yeah,” I squealed, and Daryl laughed and crunched away. He hadn’t said a word the drive over, just let me wonder with the car’s engine massaging my body and the musky cologne he wore on special occasions like my graduation from beauty school.

Daryl yelled “okay . . . take it off,” and when I untied the knot under my ponytail and blinked a couple times, I read the message written in the sky.

Written in the Sky


Share your own 100 or less writing around the concept of “blindfold’! 🙂


7 comments on “100 or Less: Blindfold

  1. Great Job Mike. I love prompts and you encourage me to keep working, Thank You!

    Here is my attempt: (99 words)

    She saw him approach her door and she felt herself start to melt. It happens every time. She knew him well and felt the tension coming back. There was no peace when he was here. Her heart broke and but she knew to love him she had to wear a blindfold to ignore all that came with him. Sometimes it was too much but then the moments of love were so intense and surreal she knew there was nothing she could do. She tied on her blindfold of black silk in her mind hoping she was somehow protected now.

    • Awesome! It makes me wonder what exactly this man had done: is he an alcoholic? Abusive? Is he a love ’em and leave ’em kind of player? Is he a married man who stops by for a booty call every once in a while?

      I also really like the figurative/mental blindfold instead of a physical one.

      Thanks for sharing!

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