100 or Less: Old


The couch was a lumpy, grey bowl of oatmeal Erasmus nearly sunk into a few times.

The old man had crammed the room full of dusty chairs, coffee tables, and desks. What he collected them all for Erasmus couldn’t say, maybe his way of holding on to the normality that everyone’d lost, as if a scratched piece of furniture could somehow water the wastelands with the morals of yesterday.

Or maybe age had made him a hoarder, one of those odd souls they used to show on TV who couldn’t help but collect every piece of shit known to man.

Old Furniture


7 comments on “100 or Less: Old

  1. Very nice! I saw the e-mail notification first and saw the prompt and when I came here surprise!!!! I saw the pic and thought it was from my mind,lol.

    Her senses came alive as she stepped into the Antique shop smelling of wood, musk and age. Oh how she loved them. She was greeted hello, and asked if she was looking for something special. She already had seen it. She started to smile then remembered the game. No Thank you, “Just looking.” She walked past glancing at it as an afterthought. She stopped on the way out rubbing her fingers across the beautiful old scared mahogany vanity, guestimating its age about the 1800’s. She ended up walking away four times before she finally won the price war.

    Thank You!

    • I’m glad you’re keeping track, Linda; that way, I get to read your submissions. 🙂

      I have to say, your 100 or Less put me right back into an antique shop I’d visited a few years back. There’s just something about it that transports you to another time and place.

      While I may not have won a price war, I’ve certainly admired the contours of wonderful pieces made of wood. “They don’t make ’em like this anymore” always goes through my mind in an antique shop.

      As always, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is awesome. It reinforces that the hardest writing to do is the kind with a word-restriction and the best writers can be succinct. Also, I love the name “Erasmus.” I’m picturing a wizened, wizard-like man. WTF, where have u been? Where’s your Facebook presence?

    • Hey there, mamacita. I’ve been around. Just taking a small hiatus from my personal FB account to focus my energies on some important things.

      How’ve you been? Haven’t heard much of you in awhile either. No more blogging? 😦

      • Funny you’d ask- the nicer weather has been making me miss blogging. I’m definitely not too busy to do so, but my mind is definitely elsewhere. If you’d like/when you have time, you should email me and let me know what these “important things” are. I must approve. I hope that anal waxing and bleaching are two of them.

      • Did you change your uwm email address? I shot you a message a few days ago. If you’ve got a spiffy new one to go with the PhD program, hit me up.

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