100 or Less: Fear

Hey guys!

I’m back after a small hiatus, and I missed writing and sharing these flash fiction pieces.

You know the rules: 100 words or less on the selected theme. This week’s theme is “fear.” Create whatever scenario you’d like!

Without further ado, here’s my flash fiction:


I’ve always wondered what fear sounds like. Not the causes of it like a death rattle or an empty stomach or a call from radiology.  It coils, eager, inside of you like a second intestine but when someone jabs at it, the fear expands and becomes a violinist who plucks at your rawest nerves.

It played a little something when my key wouldn’t open our front door, and the melody grew louder as I sat on the steps and watched the sun droop.

I wonder what your fear is going to sound like, and I start humming.

Front Door