100 or Less: Fear

Hey guys!

I’m back after a small hiatus, and I missed writing and sharing these flash fiction pieces.

You know the rules: 100 words or less on the selected theme. This week’s theme is “fear.” Create whatever scenario you’d like!

Without further ado, here’s my flash fiction:


I’ve always wondered what fear sounds like. Not the causes of it like a death rattle or an empty stomach or a call from radiology.  It coils, eager, inside of you like a second intestine but when someone jabs at it, the fear expands and becomes a violinist who plucks at your rawest nerves.

It played a little something when my key wouldn’t open our front door, and the melody grew louder as I sat on the steps and watched the sun droop.

I wonder what your fear is going to sound like, and I start humming.

Front Door


4 comments on “100 or Less: Fear

  1. Wow Mike your description of the sounds of fear is awesome. Never thought about fear as a sound. Here is my first run at it! Thank you for sharing these are wonderful exercises and you are so descriptive.

    The sound of fear is a shrill that makes every part of your body burn as jolts of electricity bite into you. Your mind shrivels up in recoil as the fear sings its painful song. The sound makes the mind withdraw with in itself into its own terror of fear. The shrill is high pitched, its song long and steady like water dripping on rocks breaking down them down as time goes on. It breaks down your mind which turns on your body until you are broken down like the rocks to nothing but a worn out shell.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Linda! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

      I’m also happy to read your writing again! the burning and electric jolts of fear you describe are so spot on. I can remember times when I felt that heart flow over me when I was really panicking. The worn out shell imagery is also powerful, especially when thinking of water. Waves of fear crashing against the shell of your mind.

      Powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing!

      • Mike, I hope you don’t mind sending this to the e-mail address but I wasn’t sure about posting it. You seem to also have an understanding of fear among other things so I wanted to share this with you. This was published in a Literary Journal called Leaves and Flowers a few years ago. It is based on the word fear put out by the journal. It was accepted and published. I just thought I would share it since you had the sound of fear prompt. And by your descriptions I get that you might have met fear yourself once or twice. Lol!

        Thank you for the encouraging words.

        Linda Garcia

        Constant Companion by Linda Garcia

        Fear has been a constant companion all my life.

        It has caused me so much dismay and strife.

        Always a challenge and always nagging,

        To which my resolve is many times left sagging.

        Into the valley of its control,

        Just over the hill, across the knoll.

        It eats away at all I do.

        It sometimes makes me doubt I can make it through.

        It tears down my ego and causes the thinking stream to change its flow,

        It falters the view of everything I know.

        My heart is always in my throat,

        Inflamed with the feeling I’m in a sinking boat.

        It’s up to me to change it around,

        There is no great secret to be found.

        It is just adjusting the thought,

        That what is scary really is not.

        Life has its ups and downs, good and bad.

        Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes sad.

        Some things make me smile, some make me mad.

        If the fear is there I will never know

        Which is the best way I need to go?

        So now I step outside my comfort zone,

        And am having more fun than I’ve ever known.

        When the fear pops out to keep me in,

        I look it in the eye,

        Knowing I am going to win.

      • That was beautiful, Linda. It really captures what it feels and looks like to be fearful, and it ends on a hopeful note. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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