Prodigal Son

Well, now, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Like a  medicine long forgotten, WordPress tastes weird but strong, and it cures what ails me.

How have you all been? I see that my friends have stayed vigilant in writing, in sharing, in inspiring.  I’ve been good myself, riding a wave that tosses me this way and that most days but never bores me.

I haven’t stopped writing because I haven’t stopped breathing. The novel in my mind trickles down to my fingertips, and it feels good to let it spill onto my keyboard.

However, I have been delving more and more into streaming and YouTube content creation. I’ve been focusing more on videogames, but I do long to come back to my roots and simply share ideas with my wonderful fellow bloggers. 🙂

So I hope to keep my blog up to date more often. I also have a website– if you’re interested–and my YouTube channel is

But to all my friends, do tell me how you’ve been in the comments below. We shall palaver & pass the time wonderfully. 🙂


DayZ Standalone Giveaway And More On Tonight’s Stream

Just a quick update this time, my friends!

My viewers were kind enough (AGAIN!) to donate a few more free games to hand out, including the DayZ Standalone!

Here’s the full list of games:

  1. DayZ
  2. Steamworld Dig
  3. Strike Vector (Beta Key)
  4. Braid

DayZ Standalone Handcuffs

As always, all you have to do is show up on my stream, Follow me, and say the magic word before I roll the dice. No hoops, no extra work. Sit back, enjoy the stream, and laugh with us!

So stop on by tonight because you’re awesome. 6:00PM EST is when it starts, and is where it happens!

Sacred Inside


There is a desert in the corner of a man’s soul

Where he keeps a thing too precious.

He walks through the hot sand and scrambles over jagged rocks

With a skin full of water, looking over his shoulder to ensure

That nothing else follows him.

It sits all alone, a belief or memory or silly thought too fragile,

Too vital to his being to let it near another part of him.

The visits are frequent enough to keep the thing alive,

And perhaps one day the grains of sands and chunks of stone

Will have no choice but to succumb to the will of the thing

And you will catch a glimpse of it on the other side of a stream.

Desert Stream

100 or Less: Plastic


Another 100 or Less to rub your eyes for a minute or two. This week’s theme is Plastic.

Share your own creation in the comments below, and remember: 100 words or less and not a letter more!

It’s okay, darling.

The only reason why the world chews you up is because you’re so sweet.

I know, I know.

It’s unfair when so many bitter and plastic people deserve to feel the crush and grind, but it’s okay. Because you’ll find them, darling, the ones who escaped and dribbled down the lips of the world, and you’ll scoop them up and push them deeper and deeper until the weight comes down.

And when the world tries to eat you again, it’ll taste only the Black Milk, and the pungency will cause a gulp and a heave and a—

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

100 or Less: Diamond


Hey all!

This week’s 100 or Less is inspired by the word/concept Diamond.

Feel free to take part. Simply write anything—a sliver of fiction, a thought, a wish—that includes or somehow embodies the idea above. Make sure it’s only 100 words or less!

Toes dangling over the side of a boat, Marcus stared at the setting sun. He squinted, trying to follow the descent into the horizon, but it was too slow.

Or too fast. Something as big as the Earth turning every day? Yeah, fast.

The water couldn’t decide what color to be so it drank up whatever the sun threw at it—the purples and pinks and peaches—and sprinkled some shimmering diamonds on top.

No, not diamonds. Salt. Yeah, grains that stuck to the surface and wouldn’t melt.

Marcus hadn’t caught a thing. But that was fine.

Just fine.




The world is so simple in the eyes of a child.

There’s a bunch of stuff, some big, some small.There’s people and animals and buildings and cars and flowers and everything in between. How children make sense of the world always fascinates me.

No two children seem to understand how life works in quite the same way.

Take Luiz Antonio for instance:

He’s developed the worldview that animals are to be taken care of by us, human beings. It’s such a simple yet profound idea. I bet if you asked Luiz why we are the ones who need to take care of them, you’d hear some pretty unique beliefs.

Sometimes we take for granted why we behave a certain way, what significance or purpose the things around us serve, and how we came to believe what we do.

I may not give up eating animals after watching the video above, but at the very least, I’ll ask a few more “why” questions