Prodigal Son

Well, now, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Like a  medicine long forgotten, WordPress tastes weird but strong, and it cures what ails me.

How have you all been? I see that my friends have stayed vigilant in writing, in sharing, in inspiring.  I’ve been good myself, riding a wave that tosses me this way and that most days but never bores me.

I haven’t stopped writing because I haven’t stopped breathing. The novel in my mind trickles down to my fingertips, and it feels good to let it spill onto my keyboard.

However, I have been delving more and more into streaming and YouTube content creation. I’ve been focusing more on videogames, but I do long to come back to my roots and simply share ideas with my wonderful fellow bloggers. 🙂

So I hope to keep my blog up to date more often. I also have a website– if you’re interested–and my YouTube channel is

But to all my friends, do tell me how you’ve been in the comments below. We shall palaver & pass the time wonderfully. 🙂


Happy . . . Thanks . . . Gurgle



I’m currently digesting enough white meat to crap out a baby turkey.

It sure doesn’t look like that inside of my gullet.

Before a malaise takes hold of my brain, I thought I’d share some of the things I’m thankful for. I mean, ’tis the season to enjoy the seasonings, and nothing brings out gratitude quite like a plate full of goodies.

1) Family always tops these lists, doesn’t it? But it’s such a general thing to be grateful for. Specifically, I’m grateful that I have the kind of family that would drop everything it’s doing in order to help someone. If there’s a case to be made for the existence of some kind of objective morality, a deep seeded altruism, than my family would be a good example.

2) I’m also thankful for the ability to even type these words. No, it’s not a “glad I have good health” wish (though that’s a standard thing to be grateful for too). Instead, I’m thankful that I can afford even the little computer I’m using and also grateful to whatever cosmic being thought it was a good idea to cram my head full of pulsing words that just need to come out. 🙂

3) Finally (cause 3’s a magic number) I’m thankful to live in a time where free speech is commonplace (at least in a good portion of the world), human rights are generally recognized and respected, and a person can live to the ripe old age of 80+ having lived a good life (snuck a bit of good health in there for good measure.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; may your leftovers leave a wonderful taste in your mouth, even after being nuked in the microwave!

Happy Thanksgiving!