Streaming XCOM Enemy Unknown Tonight (Giveaway Saturday!)


Dern aliens took our jobs!

And our lives.

And our wives.

Illegal aliens aside, the aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown are pretty aggressive I found out yesterday. I was glad to kill a few, though I lost a few of my squad members in the process. I’ve already sworn to NOT reload a save game if a squad member dies. So it’s REALLY permadeath this playthrough. 😀

OH, and just a reminder: HUGE! Giveaway this weekend. Because my viewers are the most awesome people on the planet.

I mean, really, so many free games to give out.

So don’t be lame and follow me on Twitch. Tonight it starts at 10:00PM EST on the MikeReverb1 Twitch Stream!



The world is so simple in the eyes of a child.

There’s a bunch of stuff, some big, some small.There’s people and animals and buildings and cars and flowers and everything in between. How children make sense of the world always fascinates me.

No two children seem to understand how life works in quite the same way.

Take Luiz Antonio for instance:

He’s developed the worldview that animals are to be taken care of by us, human beings. It’s such a simple yet profound idea. I bet if you asked Luiz why we are the ones who need to take care of them, you’d hear some pretty unique beliefs.

Sometimes we take for granted why we behave a certain way, what significance or purpose the things around us serve, and how we came to believe what we do.

I may not give up eating animals after watching the video above, but at the very least, I’ll ask a few more “why” questions