Huge Giveaway (Part 2) Tonight Including DayZ


Hello my fellow survivors!

Tonight I have another HUGE giveaway planned! I’ll be giving out copies of DayZ, Arkham Origins, Dead Space, and more!

The full list of the prizes are as follows:

  1. DayZ
  2. Fish Fillets 2
  3. Solar 2
  4. Hack, Slash, Shoot
  5. Dungeons of Dredmor Complete
  6. Paranautical Activity
  7. Orcs Must Die GOTY Edition
  8. Super Sanctum
  9. Little Inferno
  10. Portal
  11. Arma 2
  12. Electronic Super Joy
  13. Super Amazing Wagon Quest
  14. Dead Space
  15. Batman Arkham Origins
  16. Grid 2
  17. Infinite Crisis Beta Key

And all you have to do to win is Follow my stream, type in the magic word before I roll the dice, and pray to the Death Gods that you win! I do this all on-stream/on-camera, so there’s no sneaky business.

The stream starts at 6:00PM EST on the MikeReverb1 Twitch Stream —

DayZ Standalone Giveaway And More On Tonight’s Stream

Just a quick update this time, my friends!

My viewers were kind enough (AGAIN!) to donate a few more free games to hand out, including the DayZ Standalone!

Here’s the full list of games:

  1. DayZ
  2. Steamworld Dig
  3. Strike Vector (Beta Key)
  4. Braid

DayZ Standalone Handcuffs

As always, all you have to do is show up on my stream, Follow me, and say the magic word before I roll the dice. No hoops, no extra work. Sit back, enjoy the stream, and laugh with us!

So stop on by tonight because you’re awesome. 6:00PM EST is when it starts, and is where it happens!

Sniper At My Heels: DayZ Standalone

He killed two of my viewers.

We were just standing in the middle of a tent, trying to regroup, trying to figure out where the sniper was.

We might have even laughed a bit, nervously considering our options.

Then a shot rang out. My friend Nephilim went down.

Then another.


He trained his sights on me but I ran, and ran, and ran until I felt safe enough to log off. Not the most courageous option, I know, but I had a giveaway to run! 😛

Tonight I go back to the Northwest Airfield in search of trouble and ammo. Come join me, will you?

The Northwest Airfield. The Scene of the Crime!

The Northwest Airfield. The Scene of the Crime!

Follow me at 10:00PM EST on the MikeReverb1 Twitch Stream!

Man Is The True Danger In DayZ

I killed them.

All three of them.

They might have been brothers. Maybe cousins. They dressed alike–army fatigues–and carried boxes of ammunition. They were bandits, and several people had already died by their hands. The road was littered with bodies, trophies, warnings to passersby.

And my friend Aviate and I gunned them down on the hill outside of Elektro.

This is DayZ at its finest. Emergent stories. I am a survivor, and I will not be a victim.

DayZ Standalone

Death Incarnate

Follow me tonight at 10:00PM EST on the MikeReverb1 Twitch Stream. But be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive!

Also, I like beards.

“I’m Free on the 7th at 7!”: Novel Excerpt

The always enlightening and charming Margaret Alexander over at Story Addict was gracious enough to tag me in a game of 777. Make sure to check out her 777 Game entry here!

For the uninitiated, whoever is tagged in the 777 Game must choose either the 7th or 77th page of their novel or other work in progress, count down 7 lines, and post the next 7 lines.


So here goes: these 7  lines were taken from my upcoming novel Dark Flesh. As I promised in a previous post, I’ll put up my book cover and synopsis soon. 🙂


A department store, the shelves stocked with dust. The air was musty and oppressive, and when the dim aisles of the store lurched before him and he slid to the gritty floor, Aaron peeled off his fedora and rubbed his eyes, but everything around him continued to tumble.

Only a terrible father would worry his daughter after being attacked and standing among mounds of garbage. Taking deep breaths to steady himself, Aaron fumbled inside his bag until he pulled out the soggy paper bag of meat nearly turned to pulp thanks to the dirty water. He allowed himself a bite and, when the bitterness in his throat lessened and he could steady his hand, offered his daughter a piece.  Her shoulders shivering, Emma sat on the  floor and chewed on the tender beef.

The trunk, thankfully, hadn’t suffered any serious damage—the locks, though scuffed up, hadn’t broken off, and the blows to the unread in the watery chasm had dented the leather only a bit.


Oooooh, mysterious, eh? 😛

As per the rules of the game, I have to tag seven other authors, who in turn can share their work. I follow and am followed by a varied group of bloggers, some who write beautifully but aren’t authors, so it was a bit tough to choose seven. Here are five peeps who I’m pretty sure are working on a novel or written work of some kind. 🙂


Valerie Lawson

Chantel C

Sydney Aaliyah

Carol Deminski

Naomi Baltuck


And if anyone is interested in playing who I haven’t tagged, feel free to play along!

A Quick Guide to Surviving Snowstorm Nemo

Well, now, seems like the sky’s decided to barf out snow. This is actually my favorite kind of weather, when everything looks so pristine.

Snowstorm Nemo New York

Nemo chillin’ in Brooklyn.

However, it’s cold out there and will be in the Northeast for a bit longer, so I thought I’d share three tips for surviving Nemo (lame name for a snowstorm too; as threatening as snowstorm Percy).

1)     Tender Vittles

Unlike some folks who did their shopping in preparation for the storm, I went out during Nemo and bought all of the ingredients for garlic shrimp in coconut milk. Hey, if I turn into a Spanish tub of ice cream, I want the medical examiner to find something good frozen in my stomach. 🙂

Full disclosure: this is not what it would look like in my stomach.

Full disclosure: this is not what it would look like in my stomach.

So make sure you’ve got some good food to fill your belly with during the storm.

2)      Heating Brick

Soooo, the powers that be in my apartment building have decided not to give adequate heat (hence my fear of freezing to death, lawl). However, I was lucky enough to find a small heater that looks like it was designed during the Nixon administration.

I am not a crook . . . but I will steal a lot of electricity.

I am not a crook . . . but I will steal a lot of electricity.

Keep warm, my friends.

3)      Mind Lube

During the storm, which is still going on outside, I plan on watching The Walking Dead reruns until Season 3 starts up again tomorrow at 9. Gotta keep my mind occupied!

How would zombies deal with a snowstorm I wonder?

How would zombies deal with a snowstorm I wonder?

Don’t go all The Shining, friends. Guard your minds by keeping them occupied!

So what tips do you have to make the best of a snowstorm?

Drowning in Words


Finally got a chance to come up for air.


How’s everyone doing?

Me? The past few weeks have seen me busy as all hell writing my novel, working on the book cover (which is done; woot!), and a million other things. 

I also checked some of the stats on my blog, and I recently hit over 25k views. I’m eternally grateful to all the great bloggers who I follow and who have graced my silly little blog with their presence in the year since this blog was created.

Also, I’ve no idea who in the Philippines and Chile are reading my blog, but gracias, mi amigos.

Pretty soon I hope to share some more of my upcoming novel and also to post the book cover, which was done by an extremely talented artist Immar Palomera.

Finishing the cover before finishing the book offered a surprising boost to my inspiration. Seeing a part of the world that only existed in my head, including my protagonist, Aaron, served to solidify my ideas greatly, and I’ve since edited certain portions of the novel. 

For now, I’m still nurturing my little baby of a book, feeding it milky thoughts and soothing it during teething tantrums.

I do hope everyone out there is enjoying life and following their passions. Don’t forget those pesky little resolutions you made 30 days ago. Unchain them from the closet of your mind and feed them a little.

They deserve it.

Diggin’ Dialogue: Zombie Tears

Just a short bit of dialogue I was messing around with the other day. Bon appetite!

“You think zombies cry?”

“Come again?”

“Zombies. Shed tears. Weep. Cry.”

“Here—use this bag. Crying? That’s like wondering if trees fart.”

“It’s a serious philosophical question. Do they even feel pain? Have they got any sense of loss? You know, whatever’d make you cry a little.”

“Careful, he might hear you.”

“No ears, genius.”

“One’s right over there, under the dumpster.”


“Yes, ok? They cry. Can we get back to this please?”

“Why would a zombie cry then?”

“Because all he wants to do is give us a hug and a kiss, and we keep running away.”

“Seriously, man.”

“Or he wants to share the Good News with you so that Jesus will live in your heart, but you won’t open the door for his prayer group. The fuck should I know? I don’t even think about this shit. Have you ever seen one cry?”

“Sort of; I saw one that looked pretty depressed. She was hanging out by the liquor store—”

“I’d cry if they ran out of vodka too—”

“—and she had this look on her face, like she was upset or hurt and–careful around the teeth. Yeah, turn the head around. Anyway, she just sat there on the sidewalk staring at nothing, and I felt kind of . . . I don’t know . . . sorry for her? Do you think she was remembering something sad?”

Updated Novel Page

I hope everyone’s having a splendiferous weekend so far.

I’ve been semi-diligently typing away at my novel for the past week and making substantial progress, so I thought it’d be a good time to update the original novel sample with a new page.

Here, we begin to see that there’s more to the little kid Aaron found near the abandoned home than we may have thought . . .

I also added some new clothing to Aaron’s Pinterest board, and I plan on updating a certain character’s board in the near future, but not just yet . . . 🙂

Note: I’ve combined the two pages in my Upcoming Novel Samples page, so if you haven’t read the novel’s first page (or if you need a refresher), click the link.


He thought he saw the kid shake his head, but it might’ve been another sob. “Good. The things they ask for.” He whistled. “It’s robbery. Can’t get anything decent to eat without giving up an arm or a leg. Take The Chinaman, for example.”

The kid went silent.

“He’s the worst ‘cause he can get anything you need . . . medicine, clothes, canned food, even fresh meat. You just gotta ask him. That’s what he says anyway ‘ask, and ye shall receive.’ But the fine print says ‘your ass belongs to me after.’” Aaron laughed and looked over. The kid’s face was still hidden between his knees, but the muscles under his pale skin were tense. He also smelled odd, like boiled eggs. Though Aaron hadn’t noticed it before, the stench was getting stronger.

“Anyway, that last one’s what I need. Meat. I’ve got plenty of other food in here.” He set his bag between his knees and dug inside. “Spam—ugh, like eating a block of salt. Sardines, anchovies, tomato sauce. No noodles though.” He placed the cans down next to the kid; he’d eaten half the Spam, and the sardines and anchovies were leaking oil. “But they’re not enough. So I did what The Chinaman said, I asked, and now I’m trying to receive. See, I made a deal: he’ll give me a few pounds of fresh meat. God, it’s been weeks since I’ve had any.”

Aaron watched the sun dip behind the other abandoned homes; night brought its own kind of trouble, and the coming rain wouldn’t help. He needed a little more time, but he’d have to wrap things up soon.

He leaned towards the kid and asked “Do you know what he wants in exchange for that fleshy ambrosia?”

Ever since the world had gone to hell, few things surprised Aaron anymore; life was a snuff film on repeat: one awful scene after another. But as the kid slowly lifted his head for the first time, Aaron had to fight the urge to flinch.

The “kid” had no eyes. Instead, his eye sockets were black tunnels that ran deep into his skull and ended in pinpricks of white light. Purple lips curled into a wide Cheshire Cat grin of crooked, yellow teeth.

"His eye sockets were black tunnels"


"Cheshire Cat grin"

The sympathy scale would need a few adjustments after this one.

“The tongue of a demon,” said the boy-thing. Aaron wasn’t an expert on children, but unless the kid had hit puberty remarkably early, his voice was way too deep.

Aaron cleared his throat. “You’re pretty clever. Close . . . close,” he replied. “See, it’s not an ordinary tongue; It’d make my job a lot easier if it was ‘cause I could just find any old demon and pluck it right out of his mouth. The world’s gone to shit, and your kind’s a swarm of hungry flies.”